maandag 12 januari 2015

Fedde Kortenhoeven

Hurray, our son is born! He's doing fine and together with our daughter Indy we'd like to welcome him! I couldn't resist to draw a birth card for him, with Fedde Flying on top of a dragon! Awesome!

zondag 30 november 2014

Every Friday night I head off towards Het Korenhuis. This atelier offers a great variety of models, where I can improve my skills as an artist. I always throw away the sketches after making a picture of them, but after looking through some of them, I decided to put some online. Finally ;P!

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

Nice! A first render of how a level might look like! I started with some shapes in 3D and I finished it with a bit of digital painting. Next challenge will be to improve level design and transform this sketch into 3D so I can start on playing some with the textures and lights.... My friends Javier and Pau will have some challenge for code and game design!

vrijdag 25 april 2014

I already started on modeling the beach comber, but this is the boy he will meet.

zondag 9 maart 2014

Nino the game

Because I was in between jobs, I decided to develop a small game together with my two friends Lennard and Reinder. We challenged ourselves to finish an actual working game within a few months time and to keep it small and simple. Well, it's now on it's way for approval, so pretty soon you can play the game yourself. No 3D stuff, no difficult rendering techniques; just plain and simple... and fun to play!

dinsdag 30 juli 2013

While waiting for a new set of tires, I started this one hour drawing of the garage.

zaterdag 20 juli 2013

Not the best drawing ever, but it tought me a lot. Especially, again, to start with figuring out the best composition. Which completely failed, by the way. Ohh... and keep it simple... stupid ;P

donderdag 20 juni 2013

This is an old sketch I finally finished.

dinsdag 18 juni 2013

Every Friday evening I go out with my friends Edwin, Daniel and Michael to do some model drawing. In this case I tried to use as less lines possible.
Viva la France! I'm having a few days off in France, so if the weather is good, I can go out and do some sketching.

dinsdag 22 januari 2013

This is Marinus the Beachcomber. Use the LAYAR app on your mobile device to see what he caught!

zondag 2 december 2012

This is the result of the previous sketch. It's a classic house blockset that now can be used in Unity.

maandag 22 oktober 2012

These concepts will be used as reference for building a small level in Unity. First I need to decide how the gameplay will be, but later on, I can use these images for inspiration.

vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

OK, a bit weird, but I think this character will be fun to animate. At idle, it looks like a chicken, but once the mouth opens; HIDE!!
These are some enemy sketches. Bedbugs that keep you awake during the night. Next step is adding detail to one of these bugs.
Yeah!! My daughter Indy Kortenhoeven has been born!

zondag 4 maart 2012

These charactersketches will be used for a mini project; 2 pages of my own drawn comic.

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

This is an attempt to play with color. I learned a lot, so I'm looking forward to start with a new painting!

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Now I have a pretty good idea how the enemy closets will look, so these can be prototyped as well. This leaves me with the most difficult part: gameplay!

dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

To test the game, I needed some animations such as an idle, walk and run. I expect these are the first of many to come.

maandag 19 september 2011

Currently am I trying to setup some of my designs into the Unity game engine. It takes a lot of programming, but actually it's really cool, once the avatar and main camera starts to work. I'm almost at the point of implementing animation, so I can use these sketches for modeling the avatar.

woensdag 14 september 2011

Some of the first enemy character sketches.

dinsdag 6 september 2011

This is an art impression with some gameplay I try to develop. The complex game mechanics are for later on. This is a simple test, so don't consider it to be final quality.
This is my target-render. It will be used as a style guide for further implementation. The big challenge will be putting it into an engine and make it work. These are just screenshots, so no fancy renderer is used. Before I start doing technical stuff, I'd like to draw some proper concepts for the avatar and some of the enemies.

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

I've written a game-design document, so now I can focus on the art style. I hope to figure out a nice art-style by starting to sketch some simple screen shots. This is one of the many attempts. Finally I pick one, which I will convert into 3D.

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Sometimes people ask me if I have got some experience as a Graphic Designer. These are some of the things I made. Over the years I focussed mostly on games, so it might be a bit outdated.

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Although it isn't finished yet, I posted this first version of my tracking test. The animation is crap and still needs an update and sound needs to be added. Never the less it's starting to get fun.

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

I will try to mix this little character into some real time footage.

vrijdag 29 juli 2011

This is still work in progress and an exercise to improve my painting skills.

dinsdag 26 juli 2011

maandag 25 juli 2011

I try to improve my painting skills. Starting with colour, instead of grey-scaling and creating an overlay, gives me a much better result. Next I'll be painting some thumbnails to understand lighting.

dinsdag 26 april 2011

This is an old project, but the result still satisfies me. Together with 2 friends we created the models for this commercial. Unfortunately this is the highest resolution I had left. Hopefully I can replace it soon with a better version.

vrijdag 15 april 2011

I was lead animator during the Overlord2 project. I've directed and storyboarded most of the trailers, including this one. During this project I also did a lot of cut-scenes, ingame animation, prototyping and marketing art.

maandag 4 april 2011

This is one of the first animation tests with the trucker. I 'll use this test to start my demoreel, but it still requires some attention.

This is Vladimir. I never added animation, so now I finally started to give him some lines.

maandag 21 maart 2011

Most of the body is finished. Some of the proportions need to be adjusted. I haven't used Mudbox or Zbrush for it, although I like to try it once (using another model).

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

It still needs some updates, and a body. I'll use this model to do some more realistic animations.

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

It took me 2 days to fix this character. Still need to figure out how I'm gonna name him.

maandag 24 januari 2011

This small groundhog will become the antagonist. He will block the road with his fortress of stones. First thing I need to do now, is model and rigging it.

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

It took some time, but finally I finished this environment. I wanted to have this first, so it's easier to decide how the shots will be. Upcoming week I can completely spend on animating. COOOLLL!!!

maandag 17 januari 2011

These sculptures are made out of sculpey. Awesome stuff, that enables you to add a lot of detail into your sculptures. Although they aren't very big, they look nice on my desk.
This is the first render of my Trucker and his Buff Truck. Next step will be drawing some storyboards. Don't ask me why he steps out of the truck. I think he hit a deer (in the middle of the desert??) or something....

zaterdag 8 januari 2011

The trucker gained himself an authentic Buff truck. Reliable and enough horsepower to climb every steep mountain.

donderdag 2 december 2010

With this drawing I wanted to experiment with skin.
This space marine was great fun to draw. Just keep on adding detail to its armor.
And so the Trucker gained his body. I still need to do some adjustments.

This work has been drawn/painted together with my friend Michael. It took us a few evenings and some beers, but the result is very satisfying. Once somebody sets up a shape, the other continues. This continues untill both decide the painting has been finished.
This head will be used for a small animation about a trucker.